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   We thank you for your interest and support and pray that you find our books to be inspirational, fun, entertaining, adventurous, and of course, ACTION-PACKED!!   Aspyre comics are Christian-based and built around GOD and HIS Son Jesus Christ (Yeshua) as the core and foundation of the universe. That said, it's a universe not unlike our own...but with super powered heroes and villains, crazy aliens, fantastic planets and cities, and LOADS of imagination!!!   The content of our comics is "PG" oriented with no explicit material that is unsuitable for the eyes of our children--or ourselves for that matter. There's no open cursing, gore, or overly-suggestive scenes. While there is indeed A LOT of action and fight sequences, we have done our best to do them tastefully. 
 We you?

​May GOD bless you and your families!

-Gabriel Dill Sr.
Owner and founder of Aspyre Comics
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